Ethnography Field School

Six Week Programs
June 7 to July 18

Four Week Sessions
June 7 to July 4
June 21 to July 18

Maya Language Immersion
6 Weeks: June 7 to July 18
6 Weeks: June 21 to Aug 1

Intensive Spanish
3 Wk Session A: June 2 to 20
2 Wk Session B: June 7 to 20

Enroll Early by Jan 20
to Receive Program Discount of $400

Enrollment Deadline Feb. 24, 2020
2020-02-25 00:00:00 GMT+00:00

OSEA Field Study Abroad 2020
Located in Maya Communities of Piste & Chichén Itzá, México
June 7 to Aug 1

Summer Field Study Abroad

Community Based Ethnography
and Service Learning

Enroll by Jan 20
for Early Decision Program Discount

See all Application Deadlines

OSEA-UIMQRoo Exchange Program

OSEA Partners with UIMQRoo,
the Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo

OSEA collaborates with UIMQRoo
to bring together Maya & US students
transcultural exchange, fieldwork and
anthropological training

"OSEA White Paper on Safety & Security
in Yucatan, Mexico"

Common Questions:
What is correct use of Maya and Mayan?
What is Field Study Abroad versus Study Abroad?
What is Service Learning?
What is Ethnography?
What is Heritage?

OSEA Open School Ethnography channel on YouTube
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Visitors to OSEA, since Nov 20, 2014

OSEA Calendar 2019-2020

            Open Enrollment Begins          Dec 12
            Early Decision Enrollment:       Jan 20
            Enrollment Deadline:                Feb 24
            Orientation Meeting:                 March 17
            Late Application Deadline:        May 4
            Releases Forms Due:               May 10
            OSEA Field School Opens:       June 7
            OSEA Clausura Ceremony:      July 31

OSEA is Ideal for your
Capstone, Honors, Senior Thesis
or Masters Research Project


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