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OSEA Field Study Abroad Programs in Mexico


OSEA — The Open School of Ethnography & Anthropology

CITE — Community Institute of Transcultural Exchange



OSEA—The Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology      is an independent, non-degree school chartered to develop, sponsor, and conduct educational, exchange, research, and public outreach programs,


    ⇒ to provide field study abroad, study abroad, service learning, and internship programs that prioritize transcultural exchange and experiential learning;

    ⇒ to organize and conduct research projects, conferences, and activities in cultural and interdisciplinary anthropology, broadly defined, including community action research, participatory research, and applied anthropology; and,

    ⇒ to disseminate knowledge and understandings to diverse publics, communities, and specialist academic audiences through publications, museum exhibitions, installations, performances, public outreach, community education, and related exchange activities.



The Mission of OSEA is
To provide individuals with first-hand, experiential knowledge, cross-cultural understanding, and appreciation of Indigenous cultures, traditions, and histories; and, to enable greater positive interaction and exchange between peoples of different cultural communities and social worlds.



The Community Institute of Transcultural Exchange is chartered

➪To bring anthropology, as well as related fields of cultural studies, into the hands of those that have been considered the primary subjects of study so that these persons and groups may own, control,and use these tools, methods, and knowledge in the pursuit of their pursuits of community well-being, cultural sustainability, and cultural innovation;
➪To foment reciprocal educational processes and mutually productive interaction between diverse communities of researchers, students, social groups, and cultures that meet in transcultural encounters;
➪ To increase the prosperity, well-being, achievement, tranquility, self-determination, and positive valorization of cultural communities that have been forced into political, economic, and sociocultural margins of today’s globally interactive humanity.


OSEA—CITE is particularly focused on questions and contemporary problems related to language revitalization, sustainability, cultural ownership, heritage rights, community health and well-being, the innovation of tradition, and the interconnections between local, national, and transnational communities and social forces



OSEA—CITE Partners


Latin American & Iberian Institute at University of New Mexico (LAIL–UNM)

The Latin American & Iberian Institute at University of New Mexico (LAIL–UNM) (www.laii.unm.edu) is a recipient of a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant (2022-2026) and is able to distribute FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) Fellowships to students learning Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) and Indigenous Languages of the Americas, including Maya. Beginning in 2023, LAIL–UNM is partnering with OSEA to create a unique opportunity for UNM as well as non-UNM students to participate in the OSEA Maya immersion program. Interested persons are encouraged to contact the OSEA Director (quetzil at osea-cite dot org) or the LAIL-UNM administrative staff (laiibusiness@unm.edu) to learn about eligibility and funding.

Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo (UIMQRoo)

The Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo (UIMQRoo) (https://www.uimqroo.edu.mx/) , located in José María Morelos, Quintana Roo (QRoo), provides education in areas of Maya language and culture, alternative community based tourism, public/community health, agroecology, information technologies, business developments, and intercultural education, among other fields. Beginning in 2019, OSEA has parterned with the UIMQRoo to develop intercultural field study programs that bring students from the US and Europe together with UIMQRoo students from the Maya region to learn together in OSEA ethnography and Maya language programs. In the OSEA ethnography programs, Maya students from the UIMQRoo learn anthropological fieldwork methods and research design, and conduct their own ethnography projects, along with OSEA participants originating from outside of the Peninsula to create an invaluable and unique intercultural exchange and learning opportunity. In the OSEA Maya immersion program, UIMQRoo students are trained in the OSEA Maya language pedagogy and gain crucial experience teaching Maya to Second Language (L2) learners who are not Heritage speakers. The OSEA partnership includes UIMQRoo transcripting of accredited courses for undergraduate participants.


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OSEA Policy of Racial Nondiscrimination
OSEA is committed to the eradication of discrimination based on race, racial identification, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, sexuality, religion, class, ethnicity/ethnic origins, age, national origin, language, class, educational upbringing, place of origin, and culture. OSEA does not discriminate for work employment or participation in the educational services it offers based on the above listed characteristics

The motivation, mission and values of OSEA are premised on the basic human rights of respect, tolerance, understanding, acceptance, and equality of difference between persons, peoples and communities. In this spirit, OSEA has developed educational services and activities, including research, training and exchange programs, to contribute to the elimination of discrimination and harassment through cultural exchange and transcultural understandings of differences and similarities between peoples.

Click here for OSEA Policy on Racial Nondiscrimination and the values that OSEA embodies.

OSEA Policy on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
In the spirit of its mission and values, OSEA has developed educational services and activities, including research, training and exchange programs, to contribute to the elimination of discrimination and harassment. OSEA is an organization that understands sexual harassment to be a pernicious and pervasive form of discrimination that requires special consideration and attention in order to be identified and eliminated. Sexual Harassment is against the law in the United States and in México and is a form of discrimination that is based on and targets gender, sexual orientation, sexual identification, and sexuality. OSEA is committed to updating and improving policy to maintain compliance with legal requirements in the workplace defined by EEOC. As well OSEA seeks to maintain policy and procedures involving sexual harassment in educational contexts that fulfill the meanings of accepted norms and expectations that derive from Title IX even though OSEA is not a federally funded educational institution. In compliance with the EEOC Guidelines and our policy, OSEA prohibits harassment of any kind and has developed policies and procedures to report incidents of discrimination and harassment based in sex, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origins, language, place of origin, and educational upbringing.

Click here to read the full OSEA Policy on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and the Reporting Procedures for Incidents of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment


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