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There are five sessions, four sessions are organized around presentations with discussion and commentary and the fifth session is a roundtable presentation and discussion.

Each of the first four sessions has:

  • 3 presentations, each presentation has a designated commentary and open discussion.
  • Presentation (40 min), Commentary (20 min), Open Discussion (20 min) for 1 hr 20 min.
  • 3 presentations each at 1hr 20 min @ 3 presentations per session = 4 hours
  • Three days of 1 Session each day and one day of double session

Time allotted Session # 5 is based on a calculation of 15 min. x 12 participants = 3 hours of presentation and two hours of open discussion.  The session also has an additional 2 hrs of extra time in the morning for individuals to compose thoughts and prepare for session.



Workshop Participants can click here to download papers — Login required

Paper Presentations


Session 1. Archaeologies & Ethnographies (Paradigms, Practices, Possibilities)

Moderator: Chris Matthews

Quetzil Castañeda (Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology)


Lynn Meskell (Columbia University)


Rick Wilk (Indiana University)

Zimmer & Nicolas

Session 2. Archaeology as Object of Study of Ethnography

Moderator: Quetzil Castañeda

Hugo Benavides (Fordham University)


Jeff Himpele (New York University)


Lisa Breglia (Wesleyan University)


Session 3. On Uses of Ethnography as Archaeological Method and Tool

Moderator: Lynn Meskell

Anne Pyburn (Indiana University)


Chris Matthews (Hofstra University)


Larry Zimmerman (Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis)


Session 4. Archaeology as Subject (on the incorporation of ethnography in the conception/design of archaeology & the archaeological enterprise)

Moderator: Lisa Breglia

Mark Leone (University of Maryland)


Richard Handler (University of Virginia)


Julie Zimmer (Independent) & George Nicolas (Simon Fraser University)


Session 5. Syntheses, Critical Commentary, Reflections

Moderators: Quetzil Castañeda and Chris Matthews


Note:  George Nicolas will not be in attendance; thus, Julie Zimmer will assume the roles above for their shared paper.





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