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OSEA Emerging Scholars Research Conference

Conference Logistics: Lodging, Meals, Unstructured Time, Travel, Maps, Reception/Clausura

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The “conference hotel” (chen tin cheehtik!) is the Posada Olalde, Pisté. I have been working with the owner Victor Olalde for 15 years and have run field schools out of the Posada Olalde. There are three options for rooms a rustic cabaña that with bed and mosquiteros to fit 1,2,3 or 4. These have their own porch with hammock for afternoon. Option 2: Modern good sized rooms with two beds for one person, two in one bed. If you have 3-4 in one of these then you might be a bit squeezed for space. All of these rooms are facing backyard garden with a shared veranda for evening hanging out with tables and chairs.. Third option are the two large front rooms that have two beds and room for a third or a table. Front rooms have good reception for internet, back rooms not so good; intermittent. All have ceiling ventiladores and full baths with hot and cold water. Rates are approximately 300 pesos one person a night or 400 shared double. The cabanas can go lower priced.

There are less expensive options but not as nice in my recommendation. More comfortable and still close options exist. The Hotel Chichén Itzá is owned by the Barbachano family (previous owners of the main area of the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá). The rates are about 600-800 pesos for motel roomish room with option for AC. The Hotel Piramide Inn is a long time favorite of all gringo archaeologists passing through Pisté and Chichén. It is also a favorite of the gnostics and new age spiritualists who come equinoxxing. It is further away. Also quite nearby to OSEA as a more upscale option, the Posada Felix Inn. This is owned by an INAH family, actually the widow of the second INAH encargado of Chichén. Besides its family historical decorations, it has a good pool, restaurant that is good and affordable, rooms that are nicely appointed, if a bit smallish, that have either ventilador or AC. These are in the 500-700 peso range.

Shared No Cost Lodging
There is an option for no-cost lodging for those who are able to bring their own hammock. OSEA has three facilities in which to accommodate persons interested in sleeping in living room or open areas in a hammock. OSEA can put up to three persons in one room with a shared bath. Two other options are with persons or families that have close and long term relationships with Quetzil and OSEA are available to accommodate all conference participants that make such reservations with us in advance. OSEA Conference Organizers are happy to arrange reservations for your lodging at the Posada Olalde or in one of the no-cost hammock situations. However you must submit to us your preferences for lodging when you submit your paper. If you do not inform us of your interests at that time, we then assume that you will make your own arrangements for lodging.

Locations and Maps
All Piste hotels, posadas, the two ADO/Oriente bus stations, and OSEA can be located on google maps. Remember to put the name and then “Pisté, Yucatán, México” to facilitate the search. There is a bus station/stop at Chichén Itzá, which you should not use unless you want to walk 3 kms or take a taxi the rest of the way. Tell the driver you are getting off in Pisté, not Chichén. The two ADO/Oriente Bus Stations in Pisté as can be seen in maps are equidistant to/from OSEA, but the one the east outskirts of town on the road to Chichén is closer to the Posadas Olalde and Felix Inn, other hotels, and OXXO. .
If you are coming from Cancun, Valladolid, or Playa from the east, you should get off at this bus station. The bus will stop for 5-7 minutes at this station before continuing to Merida.
If you are coming from Merida, get off downtown and walk south on the road kitty corner to the Templo Ebenezer. You will exit the bus next to the primaria and take the first street, turn right walk four blocks then turn right to arrive at OSEA.

Piste and Chichen Itza on Map
View Larger Map

Afternoon Swimming
July is hot. We are not using any facility with AC. We have therefore organized the schedule to allow for everyone to recuperate after lunch by doing their own thing. If you like, pools can be used in the afternoon with the minimum purchase of a drink or a meal at any of four locations in town.

On arrival we will provide everyone a list of restaurants, loncherias, taco stands, fruit venders, and street stalls for ribs, grilled chicken, and poc chuc, as well as locations to get food items for the morning and other supplies. OSEA is not pre-organizing group meals. This allows individuals to wander off in small groups as desired. However, a group will most likely form to go to the Restaurant Chichén Itzá which would be the “conference restaurant” if you will. A special menu for the two lunches will be ordered, such as a choko loomo casera. Full course Yucatec meals for 50 pesos, which is the going rate for restaurants in Pisté. There are few off the main road locations for less expensive meals for dinner, which will have however limited menus of panuchos, empanadas, and the like. There are more expensive places to eat as well. There are four pizzerias in town and a multitude of evening choko peek’, taco and hamburguesa stands in the k'íiwik at night. OXXO is a local favorite — its where the locals GO! for a microwaved pizza, miso soup, or a ham and cheese sandwich. There are also a variety of yoghurts, fruits and veggies.

Travel to/from Pisté and OSEA
OSEA has travel information on its website under “RESOURCES / Travel” navigation bar. There is extensive information for planning travel to Yucatán. Please visit osea travel resources at: http://www.osea-cite.org/resources/re_travelinfo.php Bus route and station information is available under section “WHAT TO DO ON ARRIVAL/Buses And Ground Transportation”. To get accurate schedule information about the first and second class buses to Pisté or Chichén Itzá from Cancun, Mérida, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen see the link below or from osea travel. Check routes to both “Pisté” and “Chichén Itzá” as destinations from your place of departure at this ADO website: http://www.ado.com.mx/ado/index.jsp

There is a Pisté shuttle to/from Valladolid for approx. 30-40 pesos. The shuttle stop is located on the north-south street that buses use to enter into the parking/gates of the Valladolid Bus Station. In other words exit front of station, turn right and walk to corner, turn right at intersection, cross the street and look for shuttle sign “Pisté” on street in front of or near an nondescript electronics store

Reception and Clausura
This year the Alcalde has slapped an 8pm curfew on bars, night clubs, and bars. Even the clandestine sales seem to be effected. Our reception therefore relies on being able to buy our supplies ahead of time. We will be collecting a small conference fee to help subsidize our social mixers. During conference itself, OSEA will provide break refreshments and snacks.

The opening reception does not include dinner, only beverages and finger snacks. The Clausura includes food and beverage to follow the publication roundtable and margaritas. If any participant has food restrictions, let us know so that we can plan accordingly for the Clausura.

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2011 Emerging Scholars Research Conference: Details, Objectives, Eligibility

2011 Emerging Scholars Research Conference Schedule
TBA after Selection of papers and films, estimated February 28, 2011

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